Perfect for conferences, seminars or professional development sessions, Podium is a hugely enjoyable and insightful initiative that will get your workforce to think differently about what it means to be a leader.

Podium is a unique opportunity not only to enjoy the LMP’s fine musicianship, but also to understand and appreciate the essential components required to lead a world-class orchestra – all of which can be applied to your own work environment.

Podium sessions explore leadership values that are vital to build successful teams

How does an orchestra play together, take risks, and perform to world-class standards as a unified team? It takes total trust in the leader and between the players, a trust that allows members of the orchestra to be free, creative and expressive, enabling the team to excel.
A leader must communicate a clear and compelling vision, but at the same time leave room to learn and develop from colleagues. This delicate balance between directing and listening, while maintaining a clear overall vision for the project, exemplifies the mental agility critical for the leader of a highly talented team.
A world class orchestra will only sound its best when all the players feel confident, valued and free. A controlling leader will stifle creativity and restrict expression. Podium demonstrates how an effective leader understands how, and when, to empower their colleagues in order to achieve extraordinary results.
In a world class orchestra there can't be any passengers, every player has a clear understanding of their role and how their performance affects the team. A high-functioning team needs a common goal, and within this a sense of shared ownership that allows everyone to reach their full potential.
What is the difference between feedback and criticism? How does a leader generate positivity and confidence, to mould their team without alienating individuals? Podium provides entertaining examples of how an orchestral leader communicates effectively with their team to create a positive working climate.
Taking risks enables a team to excel and achieve results beyond the ordinary. Podium shows the visceral impact of risk-taking in a musical performance, illustrating how to create a climate where risk-taking is encouraged and celebrated.

Tailored to your Business

Podium sessions are specially tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our creative team work with you to structure a unique immersive session that will offer a new perpsective on the challenges your business may be facing, drawing remarkable parallels to the mechanisms of a globally renowned orchestra.

A Full Package

In addition to the main Podium training session, we also offer the option of facilitated workshops to develop and explore the issues raised for participating organisations or indviduals.

Any Size Team

Podium sessions are versatile and work as stand alone events or can be built into wider business conferences. We create unique sessions for any size team, from small groups of senior executives to larger groups of over 200 people for business conferences.

The London Mozart Players is the UK's longest established chamber orchestra with an interntional reputation of excellence, touring especially throughout Europe and the Far East, most recently to Dubai and Hong Kong in 2018. The orchestra has a history of association with many of the world's finest artists including Sir James Galway, Dame Felictiy Lott, Nicola Benedetti, John Suchet and Simon Callow. LMP is the only professional orchestra in the UK to be managed both operationally and artistically by its players.

Podium is a unique opportunity to witness the musical talents of the LMP's very best players and also offers a window into understanding the essential components of leadership to become a world-class orchestra.

Podium sessions are directed by LMP's Leader Simon Blendis, an international concert violinist who has 20 years of experience leading and directing orchestras. Simon has led most of the major UK symphony and chamber orchestras and has also developed a reputation for charismatic public speaking.




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